RISE Clothing Company is a fashionable athleisure brand headquartered in Dallas, TX. We differentiate ourselves by offering high-quality athleisure products designed to INSPIRE while investing in meaningful initiatives to UPLIFT communities that are suffering from socio-economic challenges.


RISE Clothing Company's selections are designed for the active lifestyle but adaptable for the office, shopping or other social occasions. Our team is passionate about production quality, prompt distribution, and innovative design. We strive to deliver well-crafted and comfortable activewear that will live up to your dedication to quality.


RISE Clothing Company exists to deliver high quality athleisure products designed to inspire and uplift. We behave with passion, intentionality, creativity, transparency, and compassion.


RISE Clothing Company believes in community. With each purpose, our company contributes a portion of proceeds to confront issues in socio-economically disadvantaged communities. We have a keen focus on providing resources and support to high school young men, primarily from inner city communities.