KoCo RISE Story

Ms. Coqueace "Koco" Powell is a fighter who refuses to give in even on her toughest days fighting breast cancer TWICE.   Her story has inspired others to preserve in the face of the most intense setbacks and discouragement. 

She is also the co-founder of  a foundation whose mission is to uplift those who have had serious types of adversity such domestic violence, sexual abuse, teen pregnancy and more.   If that is not enough to keep her busy, Koco Powell was TV Beauty Segment Expert on CBS "Let Koco Try it Before You Buy It."

Koco, a third generation cancer survivor, is no stranger to life's hardship, her family has been affected by cancer numerous times.  

Ms. Powell has traveled across the nation promoting awareness of Breast Cancer, sharing her journey, from photos of her hospital room and surgery to footage to TV stations promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.   Through these experiences Koco decided she was not going to be a victim but INSPIRE OTHERS TO RISE.