Matt RISE Story

Matthew Maher, a standout athlete from Temple University was immediately drafted as a first round draft pick to play professional soccer.  

After 3 seasons of playing, Matthew made a poor decision to drink and drive resulting in an accident, which took the life of Hort Kap, a father of six children. One bad decision would forever blot out all the good decisions he had made in his life. He took full responsibility and did his best to take an adverse situation to make a difference. 

Matthew was sentenced to 5 ½ years in prison and it was during that time that he would earn his "Phd" from the Department of Corrections in the "University of Adversity", where he used every bit of his prison experience and never allowed the negative surroundings to imprison or shape him.  He used his gifts and talents to teach other inmates: he shared his many books and resources, he leveraged his sports background to organize work outs and influence for the good.